Spiced Apple
Spiced Apple on ledge with apples

In the Fall, when the trees in the orchard are bearing the best fruit Carol will make batches of pies to be distributed and enjoyed by our children and grandchildren. There’s nothing like smelling the spiced apple aroma throughout the entire house. Better yet, the feeling of biting into a flaky homemade apple pie hot from the oven.

It is with Carol in mind that we crafted our Spiced Apple Liqueur, a liqueur rooted in tradition. A rich, dark, caramel coloured liqueur infused with the bold flavours of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Tastes that warm the body and feel like home.

We use every part of the apple so no flavours are left to waste. We combine it with rich demerara sugar, and at 33% we were able to find the perfect sweet and spice balance.

Enjoy our Spiced Apple cold or warm. In addition, you can also use it in a sauce to spice up pork dishes.

Come visit us at the distillery and take some home for yourself!

Spiced Apple with cocktail
Spiced Apple with apple pie fixings
Dian MiguelSpiced Apple