Maple Liqueur
Maple Liqueur on tin can in maple grove

Rooted in love, our Maple Liqueur blends maple syrup collected from our son’s small-batch syrup operation with our ever popular Island Tide. This creates a perfectly balanced liqueur for a classic Canadian taste experience.

The indigenous art of tapping and boiling down sap into syrup dates back as far as the late 1600s. And nothing can beat the taste of pure maple syrup on top of freshly-made pancakes on a crisp spring morning.

The rich caramel colour, velvety taste, and smooth feel make our Maple Liqueur a great drink served straight up. You can also add it as unique ingredient to a cocktail or dessert.

This unique product is the only one of its kind in Atlantic Canada. Contact us to learn how to get your hands on some!

Mike and Greg Beamish check the maple syrup
Maple Liqueur mini bottle
Dian MiguelMaple Liqueur