Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Sizes and availability will vary. Please check our Facebook page for updates, pick up times, locations and payment terms.  You are welcome to email us at or call 902-620-1085 if you have any questions or special requests.

Hand Sanitizer

As a result of COVID-19, there have been reported shortages of hand sanitizer throughout PEI. We have received many inquiries on our ability to produce this at our distillery. Other craft distilleries across the country and in the US are doing this. We have decided to put our focus on this for the next several weeks.

We are using the formulation widely publicized on the World Health Organization’s web site. This is accessible to the general public and uses ingredients typically found in a medicine cabinet. The challenge we are facing is access to some of these ingredients, specifically the glycerol (glycerin). 

At present we offer a bottle of liquid sanitizer that can be used to refill reusable spray bottles. We have a limited supply of spray bottles so we’re asking people to purchase only one or two spray bottles and keep an extra refill bottle handy.

We are also navigating the physical distancing recommendations like everyone else and as we do not have a physical store location, we will be setting up at specified locations. We ask for your patience as we try to sort out the transfer and payments.

Stay safe!

Dian MiguelLiquid Hand Sanitizer