Island Tide
Island Tide with sugar in front of still

We created our award winning Island Tide spirit to honour the folks who would crowd into speakeasies to enjoy a glass or two of the forbidden drink. In dark corners, they would thumb their noses at the authorities who forbade their consumption.

Moonshine is a cane sugar spirit deeply rooted in PEI’s long history of bootlegging. “Shine” became popular when Canada enacted prohibition under the War Measures Act in 1917. Its purpose was to save grain and fruit for people to eat during the First World War. PEI was the last province to repeal it in 1948. During this time, Islanders did a lot of trade with the Caribbean islands and sugar was a commonly traded good. “Shiners” in PEI used this cane sugar in their illegal craft as it was relatively cheap and plentiful.

Our double distilled spirit removes some of those rough edges commonly experienced with traditional moonshine. Island Tide is clean and crisp and can be enjoyed in any cocktail without imparting any unwanted flavours or try it straight over ice.

Cocktail mixed with Island Tide
Mike checking spirit quality
Dian MiguelIsland Tide