Iced Apple Liqueur
Iced Apple in bushel of fresh picked apples

On the island, winter is a time for rest and relaxation. At the distillery, however, this season is packed with action. We are busy fermenting, distilling, infusing and bottling all our products. During this process, we always learn something new. This is definitely the case when crafting our Iced Apple Liqueur.

Rooted in ingenuity, our light dessert liqueur has a combination of locally-made iced wine and crisp Beamish apples. As a result, you will taste the rich apple flavour yet your palette will not be overwhelmed by sweetness.

Our Iced Apple Liqueur is best served cold. Pair it with blue or smoked cheeses and apple desserts. Mix with sparkling wine for a lighter drink flavour.

Contact us to learn where you can get some for yourself.

Iced Apple in Tree
Iced Apple served with cheese board
Dian MiguelIced Apple