Pouring Camerise into glass

Part of the fun in being a small-batch craft distillery is the opportunity to test out interesting combinations and flavours. A few years ago, when chatting with our family friend Don Northcott from Phytocultures Ltd, we learned about the Haskap berry. As a result of this conversation, our Camerise liqueur came to fruition.

This berry originates from the blue honeysuckle plant and is native to the Northern Boreal forests of Asia and Europe. The indigenous people referred to it as the berry of long life and good vision. This “little present from the branch” intrigued us so we decided to craft a liqueur out of it.

Remaining rooted in innovation, we crafted a tart liqueur packed with antioxidants and essential minerals from the Haskap berry. The aroma is complex yet vibrant presenting a flavour combination of raspberries, blueberries, and black currents.

We named it “Camerise,” the French translation for “Haskap” in honour of Mike’s French Canadian ancestry.

Our Camerise makes an excellent light summer drink, served cold over ice or in a cocktail.

Contact us to learn where you can get some for yourself.

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