Blueberry Liqueur
Blueberry Liqueur in basket of blueberries

Thousands of years ago, the Island was connected to the mainland through a vast valley plain. When sea levels rose and glaciers retreated, the area became an island and the wild blueberry began to emerge. As a result of this natural phenomenon, we have the local ingredients necessary to create our very own Blueberry liqueur.

The harvesting of blueberries became a tradition in our family. Often a task given to us by our grandmother we would make a game of it by seeing who could collect the most. We’d lose track of time combing the fields looking for the plumpest blueberry to pick. Sometimes we would “test” a few to make sure they were good enough for the pie she would make that day.

Rooted in ancestry, we made our Blueberry Liqueur completely with locally-sourced wild blueberries. The sweet aroma of ripe, juicy berries combined with the clean, crisp taste of our Island Tide spirit makes for a tasty late-summer beverage.

This liqueur best-enjoyed ice cold or as part of a spritzer. Also, try making it into a delicious cheesecake topping or drizzle it over vanilla ice cream!

Contact us to learn where you can get some for yourself.

Blueberry Liqueur as cheese cake topping
Ice cream with Blueberry Liqueur
Dian MiguelBlueberry Liqueur