Apple Brandy

Often, when one thinks of drinking Apple Brandy, images of an oak-lined study, leather back chair, and a crackling fireplace come to mind. It is reminiscent of a time gone by when aristocrats would fill a snifter and talk about the day’s events.  Times have changed and so have the people who consume this classic drink. Now everyone can feel a little more sophisticated even if you wear yoga pants most of the time.

Rooted in life’s simple pleasures, we crafted our unique Apple Brandy using a blend of four distinctly different apples. Aged for two years, it is delicately fruity with an exceptional balance of sweet and tart. It leads with a robust aroma followed by a full-bodied taste smooth to the palate with a solid finish.

Enjoy this neat in one of our special Deep Roots snifters, on the rocks or try it in a Hot Toddy! Contact us to learn where you can get some for yourself.

Woman drinking Apple Brandy
Apple Brandy Hot Toddy
Dian MiguelApple Brandy