The name conjures up exotic characters and mysterious people.  Artists meeting  to celebrate the sale of a painting, intellectuals discussing the philosophical questions of the day, the “bohemia” crowding small cafes sharing a ceremony involving a glass, a cube of sugar and a liquor referred to as “the green fairy” and “green lady”.

We present to you our Distillery’s newest offering, Absinthe, a beautifully potent and pure liquor hand-crafted in small batches, using the finest of ingredients and current year herbs. With a base of our own distilled spirits, carefully selected herbs, and through multiple distillations and infusions using traditional methods, we have created our authentic Absinthe.
We would like to bring you attention to two points about this spirit.

First, the colour and taste  is 100% natural from the wormwood and herbs used, with absolutely no artificial flavourings or colouring added.  The particular shade of green is derived from the herbs grown this year, which will vary from year to year.  Next year, the growing conditions may result in a deeper or lighter intensity of green in the herbs, which will be reflected in the colour of the spirit produced from those herbs.  And this leads us to the second point.

You will notice on the back label that each bottle indicates a specific batch and bottle number. The batch number tells you that it is the first one produced by our distillery and is unique in colour based on the herbs grown this year.

This is a limited numbered release of approximately 290 bottles. If you have purchased bottle No. 22, you will know it is No. 22 of a limited number of bottles produced at this time.

How to Drink Absinthe

 This spirit can be enjoyed on its own in a glass, either chilled or at room temperature. However, just as with ancient tea ceremonies in some countries, there is a particular ritual to follow if you want to experience absinthe in the traditional manner. Although there are dedicated “tools” available for the ritual (available soon at our Distillery), they are not essential for taste or enjoyment. A shot of Absinthe is poured into a clear glass. A cube of sugar is placed in the bowl of a spoon and held over the glass. Then ice cold water is poured over the cube and allowed to drip into the glass. The ideal balance between Absinthe and water is one part spirit, three parts ice cold water. We hope you enjoy this very unique experience. As with all our spirits, we have taken great care and pride in the ingredients we select and the process we used to craft this first small batch of Absinthe and to make it available to you for your enjoyment.

Mike BeamishAbsinthe