Deep Roots Distillery - Absinthe

Want to try our award-winning Absinthe? This product is only available at our distillery. From October to June we do not operate regular store hours so please give us a call at 902-620-1085 to arrange a time to stop in.

Our Absinthe is a beautifully potent and pure liquor hand-crafted in small batches. We use a base of our own distilled spirits and infuse it using the finest of ingredients and current year herbs. It is so good, it won a Gold Medal at the 2019 Canadian Artisan Spirit Awards and received the distinction of Best in Class.

Rooted in mystery, the name itself conjures up exotic characters and enigmatic people. Artists meeting to celebrate the sale of a painting or intellectuals discussing the philosophical questions of the day. Absinthe was popular among the “bohemia” as part of a ceremony involving a glass, a cube of sugar and a liquor they refer to as “the green fairy” or “green lady”.

The colour and taste are 100% natural from the wormwood and herbs used, with absolutely no artificial additives.  Each new batch has a particular shade of green derived from the herbs grown that year. Growing conditions may result in a more profound intensity of green making each batch unique.

This will only be available for a limited time.

How to Drink Absinthe:

There is a particular ritual to follow if you want to experience this unique drink in the traditional manner.

  1. Pour a shot of Absinthe into a clear glass.
  2. Place a cube of sugar is in the bowl of a spoon and hold it over the glass.
  3. Pour ice cold water over the cube and allow it to drip into the glass.

The ideal balance between Absinthe and water is one part spirit, three parts ice cold water. If you want to try it the traditional way we sell dedicated “tools” at our Distillery store.

Did you know, we are available to come to your event and serve up our Absinthe in this traditional way? Contact us to discuss pricing.

Absinthe with Spoon
Absinthe herbs and spices
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